See PVC? No. CPVC!


Like millions of people, I have been questioning the quality of my tap water. In my case, it smelled like a deadly chemical … and I’m not in Flint, Michigan! Also, like millions, I was quick to blame the municipality. Well, good thing I was slow to install my old sink and Kohler faucet. (To be fair, I was waiting on parts … thank you Kohler for the lifetime replacement warranty, I love you!) As I went about engineering the plumbing system, I decided to remove a few existing parts and go with CPVC instead. I am extremely glad I did because a tee and a connector seem to have been the source of the noxious smell! Surprise! I don’t know why. Maybe they were previously and mistakenly used for gas supply in the past. But now I can drink the water, yay! I still intend to have it tested, but life is much easier while not hauling water! Next up are two minor fixes, a tiny leak in one line, and moving the tub hardware to the end wall which will make more room for bathing. Inches count!

BTW, in case you don’t already know, CPVC is for hot water and cannot be glued to regular ol’ PVC. As an added bonus, installing the CPVC has eliminated the potential for dielectric corrosion. Two dissimilar metals making contact with water is essentially a battery! Research pays off in future rework avoidance!

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Bag It!

Possibly my best tiny design: an overhead grocery bag holder! The dispenser lid is a sliced-up coffee container lid. The plastic is soft enough to not cut your hand from use. Bye bye, kitchen chaos!


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Notsotiny Fight

Sarah Hastings is on the front lines, fighting the notsotiny* fight. The physical work is done and now the legal work begins to carve out space in statutes, ordinances and codes (“oh my!”) in order to … live. Just live. Peacefully, ecologically, financially, and tinyly*.

* New phenomena require new words!

With an appeal to her local zoning board, she now faces an upcoming vote. I call that tiny progress! Along with local and national support, she also faces disgruntled neighbors. Perhaps some with McMansions and McMortages. Perhaps some who worked hard to attain their domestic dream and see a young sprout who found a way out of McWage-Slavery. I call that jealousy.

But what if anyone who wanted to shuck their shackles were free to do so? I call that radical. I call Sarah radical. I support radical.

Below: Kleinhaus snuggled in for winter.


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Next project? A spiffy (and possibly insulated) ofuro, a Japanese soaking tub.


That, or an entire outdoor water/entertainment center with a wood-fired hit tub, steam room, pizza oven (why not?!) … you get the idea! And, as the funny DIY link below says, become “psychologically dependent on it”!

Suggestions are welcome regarding which asphyxiating chemical to use to waterproof it … fiberglass, marine paint, epoxy, or something else.


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Build It and They Will … ?

For awhile now, there have been efforts by various people and groups to create guidelines and standards for tiny homes, and another one is about to announce their’s next month.

Sounds good but … “build it and they will … ” what?

Tow it? Where? To an existing mobile home park? Then you are stuck renting (((IF))) you are able to locate one which will allow houses which they themselves do not sell or rent. It’s a widespread racket to curtail moves, which are not cheap like you might imagine.

Park it? Where? On a vacant chunk of land? You better find a place not yet zoned! And even then, you may expect inquisitive or demanding “officials” wanting you to just go away, not the least of which is the jealous McMansion mortage-holder who doesn’t want you living scott-free. The indentured often believe you should be in the same boat.

ADU it? Accessory dwelling units are allowed many if not most places, but they face time limits, permits, and a host of criteria and regulations. And you may have to prove it is necessary to house a caretaker for an elderly or otherwise incapacitated “big house” homeowner or resident.

Build It and … Good Luck? Yes and no. Existing systems for housing are prohibitive for a growing population of people. Systems which benefit the existing system of suppliers, contractors, inspectors, and workers. And while we do not deny them a living or want people occupying dangerous domiciles, the existing system essentially denies many people housing they can afford. Because we do not need the philanthropic-sounding white buffalo of “affordable housing”, we need housing which is affordable.

Id est, i.e., “tiny”, to match the bulk of job offerings these days.

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Creature Comfort


What may seem like a superfluous newfangled gizmo is now a valued piece of equipment. I highly recommend it to anyone with a tall ceiling in a cold climate! I would be a sorry sap without it! Turns out, Californian architects give little (i.e. zero) advice for maintaining comfort and sanity while heating your Kleinhaus. This little Canadienne bugger sits atop the propane heater and, augmented with a small electric loft fan, keeps the warmth spread somewhat evenly. And it truly is silent. Now, I don’t need any more reasons to love my childhood-fantasy loft, but this makes “downstairs” inhabitable. Otherwise, I guesstimate there’d be a twenty degree differential – ugh. Thank you, Canada!

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Next up? Plumbing!


To now, water has been hand-pumped out but hopefully two drains will get built before Winter really sets in. These parts are pieces in the puzzle. A pop-up drain, to be installed in the shower/bath tub, was only $10, and the brass/female fitting was around $12. The rest will be PVC. The sink will have all-PVC. Wish me luck! And as few return trips to the store as possible!

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