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Buddy is puzzled. He can’t figure out what all the cleaning, packing and moving around of stuff is all about, but when I told him we’re building a tiny house with a thirteen foot ceiling he ruffled his feathers in … Continue reading

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In anticipation of future less-electric living, opt for manual tools when possible. I love this depression-era crank mixer with measuring cup. (Thank you Grandma!) Then I got a mortar and pestle. I am using it to grind up guajillo peppers. … Continue reading

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“Can you imagine what would happen if all of America stopped buying so much unnecessary fluff that doesn’t add a lot of lasting value to our lives?” Why, yes, I can! Author David Cain believes the economy would collapse, … Continue reading

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Courage, like most things in life, is not a matter of on/off, yes/no, left/right, forward/backward, or any other dichotomy you can imagine. It is in degrees and steps. Moving to a tiny lifestyle does not have to be an all-or-nothing … Continue reading

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Similar to those domestic “makeover” teevee shows, this PROject requires categories — what to KEEP what to JETTISON what to SELL what to GIVEAWAY — and what to DEFINITELY KEEP. Answering these questions, filling these categories entails knowing how you … Continue reading

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This is a Fencl. (Uh. What’s a Fencl?) A “Fencl” is Tumbleweed* tiny house on wheels. A “Fencl” is an 18-foot cousin of their 20-foot Cypress which I plan to build on a Tumbleweed trailer using Tumbleweed plans. A “Fencl” … Continue reading

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