This is a Fencl. (Uh. What's a Fencl?)

This is a Fencl. (Uh. What’s a Fencl?)

A “Fencl” is Tumbleweed* tiny house on wheels.

A “Fencl” is an 18-foot cousin of their 20-foot Cypress which I plan to build on a Tumbleweed trailer using Tumbleweed plans.

A “Fencl” is all I have to show you, for now, until I gather materials and start building my portable baby! This blog will be the story of her birth, and she is the biggest baby** that Tumbleweed has designed to date.

At around eight feet wide, she’s about the size of an entry-level sailboat. Notice how she is a she — that’s sea talk — even though she’s strictly a landlubber. No amphibious gear (yet)!

For a long long time, I’ve wanted to live aboard a boat of my own, but realizing the extraordinary costs attached to anything nautical, a tiny house is the next best thing, and she’s not tied to any coastline!

So, consider this promo photo a stunted version of my Cypress-to-come, waving goodbye as we head down the road to tiny living and adverturing!

**baby name suggestions welcome

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