Similar to those domestic “makeover” teevee shows, this PROject requires categories —

what to KEEP
what to JETTISON
what to SELL
what to GIVEAWAY

— and what to DEFINITELY KEEP. Answering these questions, filling these categories entails knowing how you will function in your tiny home and their priority on your list. At the top of mine is FOOOD. The kitchen will be centrally located, multi-functioning, and incorporate existing kitchen “furniture” such as my floor-to-ceiling spice rack. It houses everything flavorful and everything gluten-free. This is a MUST HAVE in my life.

Custom built by yours truly, from solid old interior wooden doors, I left some of the hardware in place and used the hinges to attach shelves. Don’t worry — she’s also held together with permanent joints using a biscuit/plate joiner. To function in a tiny house on wheels, she’ll need to have horizontal bars added to prevent the jars and bottles from falling off.

As much as possible, other antiques and antique-y things will also be used in my tiny house interior including a solid oak tabletop (for the counter), a cherry sideboard (under the tabletop), and, of course this, my spice rack (pictured above).

I especially like the square amber bottles. I endeavor to make my kitchen resemble Edison’s laboratory which I saw as teenager at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Because, hey, cooking is chemistry!

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