liberty_key_to_happinessCourage, like most things in life, is not a matter of on/off, yes/no, left/right, forward/backward, or any other dichotomy you can imagine. It is in degrees and steps. Moving to a tiny lifestyle does not have to be an all-or-nothing sudden occurrence. It is an incremental transitional process.

For me … first came the concept of tiny living … then my situation took a sharp turn … which prompted me to obtain the Tumbleweed plans … which called for the Tumbleweed workshop … which gave me the knowledge … to apply to my interior design ideas which logically led to next step … ordering their custom trailer which ought to be ready in May 2013.

Currently, I am looking for(a)  space to park the trailer and (b) materials so that construction can begin as soon as possible. I am also looking for more spring-like weather, but that’s another story. I hope to barter or rent, and to begin scavenging in earnest.

Already a dumpster diver, an alley cat, and a bottom-feeder at heart, scouting for materials has already begun and the basement is full. Something has to go! If anyone wants a boatload of coroplast “yard signs” (removed from illegal placement on public property during election season) and their steel “wires” they are waiting for you! Otherwise they must go into the recycle bin, which is not the worst case scenario.

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