Downsizing is an upgrade to life. Free your needless objects and free up some mental hard drive space. Reduce your footprint, reduce costs, reduce consumption and reduce anxiety and stress.

As a visual person, just looking at clutter is exhausting and anxiety-ridden, so I am finding the process of downsizing is semi-cathartic. It surfaces invisible domestic elephants — objects which have become so embedded into my environment that they no longer really register with my brain or eye. We constantly filter out stimuli and I am realizing the existence of this sort of “visual denial” of objects. In the same way, I filter out the audible elephants — ambulances, trucks, buses and that ominous omnipresent mechanical hum of the city that you can only perceive on quiet nights.

Handling my proverbial elephants, I feel the full weight of a past lifestyle. So, yeah, down is up and becoming lightweight is heavy.

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