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This is entitled “Still Life with Brass Screws.” Where are the brass screws, you ask? That’s a good question. Advertisements

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Propane planning on (another) steep learning curve. No, this is not easy for a first-timer. You have to want it.

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I was told these are solid oak doors.  Nope. 😦

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Teak oil on oak — only the first pass!

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Putting those childhood Lincoln Log skills to use — building the utility box!

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Well, thank you! Don’t mind if I do! I hereby nominate this dumpster for a prize in the Best Organized Demolition category.

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Wall-Eeee! I got solar-powered LED motion-sensor lights with an on/off/flash/10-second switch, sensitivity adjustment, and 120v back-up power for twenty bucks! Score!

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