These crying to be used as decor. But how? Where?


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5 Responses to TINYPROblem

  1. Drew says:

    Instead of tile, use them as trim or accent on walls, fill in colorful glass pieces into the hole, and seal it up with caulk.

  2. Susan says:

    Many doors here still have them and even use skelton keys..I have 2 in my cellar doors.
    In addition to Drew’s idea, maybe you could make a hanging of them (jingly-like) or, screw them to the wall with J hooks to hang your do-dads.

  3. Susan says:

    J.R. adds:
    Excellent ideal mount on wall and use as a coat hanger…. …. I would get some polish pottery “knobs” like on your chest of drawers

  4. Susan says:

    and… and add skeleton keys to hang as an added op to hang other light weight things…. too many possibilities…

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