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TINYPROblem solved and re-solved

The latest and greatest cube-stair design came about on-site (on plywood) today. I conclude designing for living spaces on a computer is easy but getting it right entails good ol’ experience with reality. Building 10-1/2″x10-1/2″x16″ boxes with scraps is helping … Continue reading

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TINYPRO went shopping (again)

Aren’t these beautiful? As you might guess, they’re even more alluring when wet. And a tiny bathroom with a tiny floor makes these pricey tiles an affordable option when sold in individuals sheets. Yes, it is only 4″×12″, meant as … Continue reading

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Fun! Cutting the legs off the old school teacher’s desk was satisfying progress on the alcove seating project, and making plywood boxes will hopefully help determine whether cube-stairs will indeed be a good idea.

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NO GRINCHES ALLOWED! *This* guy is not welcome in Tinyville — where you retain all the fruits of all of your labor. No boss, no corporation, no supervisor, no payroll deductions … you keep every ounce of sweat equity put … Continue reading

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TINYPRO gets organized

A sorely needed reorganizing of the tools took place today. This bucketful plus a flurry of other rearrangements will help get things done. Half the work is just knowing where your whatchamacallit is!

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“Fresh air!” (not “Times Square!”) is what you get with tiny house living.

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