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TINYPROvisional doorbell?

Whether or not I answer depends upon the tune you play. (?) Advertisements

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How much wood would wood glue up if wood glue could glue up wood? This is all one little bottle of wood glue will glue up. Now I know why it’s also sold in gallon containers. Sigh. Next trip.

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Okay, it’s not my forté, but after wiring, rewiring and re-rewiring, I am pretty sure I got these sconces hooked up correctly. I am going to LOVE this! Onward … with confidence!

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The crap pile is now the firewood pile. Sometimes you just have to do some housekeeping to set your mind on other more important tasks.

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Time for a new sander. Or at least a new cord.

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This is a crude mockup for the overhead kitchen bins. The sides might be pine and the fronts will be either a stretchy mesh or clear plexiglas so I can see inside easily — otherwise the bin would have to … Continue reading

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A bit more spray insulation then it’s bye bye blue stuff! At first, I liked the color of the polystyrene, but now I like progress most of all. Onward … to deciding how I want to finish the ceiling boards. … Continue reading

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