“I can’t get no satisfaction …” or so the song goes.


Using a compost toilet is like a musical phrase without resolution. It is like the people-pleasing I-IV-V-I chord progression without the “I”. There is no finale … no flush. I always thought regular plumbed toilets sounded like an orchestra, and the dead silence of a compost toilet, without even a quarter note “plop”, underscores this (pun intended), my lifelong musical TMI theory-on-the-making which I hereby excrete for you, dear reader. Afterall, what is music without moments of silence? Well, I will just have to get used to this new tune, won’t I?.

BTW, I did not buy this insulting (though cynically profound) seat and lid. I got an a-poop-priate design with Autumnal leafs on it. Photo to come. Promise. ;}

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