Build It and They Will … ?

For awhile now, there have been efforts by various people and groups to create guidelines and standards for tiny homes, and another one is about to announce their’s next month.

Sounds good but … “build it and they will … ” what?

Tow it? Where? To an existing mobile home park? Then you are stuck renting (((IF))) you are able to locate one which will allow houses which they themselves do not sell or rent. It’s a widespread racket to curtail moves, which are not cheap like you might imagine.

Park it? Where? On a vacant chunk of land? You better find a place not yet zoned! And even then, you may expect inquisitive or demanding “officials” wanting you to just go away, not the least of which is the jealous McMansion mortage-holder who doesn’t want you living scott-free. The indentured often believe you should be in the same boat.

ADU it? Accessory dwelling units are allowed many if not most places, but they face time limits, permits, and a host of criteria and regulations. And you may have to prove it is necessary to house a caretaker for an elderly or otherwise incapacitated “big house” homeowner or resident.

Build It and … Good Luck? Yes and no. Existing systems for housing are prohibitive for a growing population of people. Systems which benefit the existing system of suppliers, contractors, inspectors, and workers. And while we do not deny them a living or want people occupying dangerous domiciles, the existing system essentially denies many people housing they can afford. Because we do not need the philanthropic-sounding white buffalo of “affordable housing”, we need housing which is affordable.

Id est, i.e., “tiny”, to match the bulk of job offerings these days.

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