Notsotiny Fight

Sarah Hastings is on the front lines, fighting the notsotiny* fight. The physical work is done and now the legal work begins to carve out space in statutes, ordinances and codes (“oh my!”) in order to … live. Just live. Peacefully, ecologically, financially, and tinyly*.

* New phenomena require new words!

With an appeal to her local zoning board, she now faces an upcoming vote. I call that tiny progress! Along with local and national support, she also faces disgruntled neighbors. Perhaps some with McMansions and McMortages. Perhaps some who worked hard to attain their domestic dream and see a young sprout who found a way out of McWage-Slavery. I call that jealousy.

But what if anyone who wanted to shuck their shackles were free to do so? I call that radical. I call Sarah radical. I support radical.

Below: Kleinhaus snuggled in for winter.


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