See PVC? No. CPVC!


Like millions of people, I have been questioning the quality of my tap water. In my case, it smelled like a deadly chemical … and I’m not in Flint, Michigan! Also, like millions, I was quick to blame the municipality. Well, good thing I was slow to install my old sink and Kohler faucet. (To be fair, I was waiting on parts … thank you Kohler for the lifetime replacement warranty, I love you!) As I went about engineering the plumbing system, I decided to remove a few existing parts and go with CPVC instead. I am extremely glad I did because a tee and a connector seem to have been the source of the noxious smell! Surprise! I don’t know why. Maybe they were previously and mistakenly used for gas supply in the past. But now I can drink the water, yay! I still intend to have it tested, but life is much easier while not hauling water! Next up are two minor fixes, a tiny leak in one line, and moving the tub hardware to the end wall which will make more room for bathing. Inches count!

BTW, in case you don’t already know, CPVC is for hot water and cannot be glued to regular ol’ PVC. As an added bonus, installing the CPVC has eliminated the potential for dielectric corrosion. Two dissimilar metals making contact with water is essentially a battery! Research pays off in future rework avoidance!

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1 Response to See PVC? No. CPVC!

  1. Drew says:

    Nice work! Congrats on finding the problem. That’s good info to know.

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