Nothing clever. Just a door.


I’m told “no one builds a door”, but here it is (in process) as proof that *someone* does. Cutom-fit to the secondary shed, a second one is needed before the weather turns nasty. It it took one entire 6″x8′ board, ripped in two, cut in pieces, glued up with #20 biscuits, and covered with leftover T&G pine. With reused hinges, it cost nothing … but time.

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Boring to Flooring



My sliced rocks are now 100% free from the glue that held them to the fiberglass backing. This pile will become my beautiful bathroom floor, assembled piece by piece, though WHEN I cannot say because winterizing everything is priority number now, especially since we had the first frost last night.

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Stone Soup


Pricey sliced stones being soaked in hot water to release them from fiberglass mesh and adhesives, to be followed by elbow grease to remove all the booger-like glue for a superior bond to cement board.

Each stone will be set by hand. As manufactured, for use as a border only, obvious and unacceptable parallel lines would be a permanent and irritating feature, violating my sense of aesthetics and ruining my imaginary bathroom beach. This freestyle tile will be far more labor intensive, but who would accuse any tiny-builder of taking the easy route?

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A contractor was demolishing a deck and it was a lot of work removing screws, nails, and joist hangers, but I got to take as much wood as I could. There was more to be had, but not enough time to take it apart. Good construction takes a lot of power to undo! These boards will be used on various projects, especially the new laundry/tool shed (below).


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Amelanchier sanguinea


“Serviceberry”? Sounds like someone let Dubya name a plant. The Latin sounds much better.

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Composite Compost


Thanks to Laura, who gave me these composite rails. I am finally building a compost bin (in progress). It won’t be huge but ya gotta start somewhere.

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Spice Rack


More organ parts – again, C# and D – are cut in two lengthwise to make instant shelves for a floor-to-ceiling spice rack. It will be installed as a partial wall, per se, alongside the fridge and behind the side door. I consider this another excellent use of space and materials! Yay!


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