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The 55 gallon water barrel sits perched atop the inside front door like fodder for a practical joke. Haha — 400 pounds of water on your head — not so funny though. Advertisements

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This loft-level shot makes it look like a regular adult chair but it really is a small antique child’s chair which I can sit in, sip a beverage, and stick my head out the hatch. Nice!

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I’m weird. I want the purely functional in-store wood BEHIND the products — the ones they don’t sell and probably consider ugly.

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Advanced Jenga (leftover insulation chunks)

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More old multiples, this time it’s shoe “lasts” — forms for shoemaking. A female ancestor actually used these. Now, what do *I* do with them? They’re too heavy and low-pitched for wind chimes! And please don’t say “coat rack”! :} 

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Maybe she needs one of these … with four ZEROS on it?!

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A dismantled old school desk will get four amputations to become the base of my window seat folding futon … thing! With storage and pull-out coffe cup holder … things! I don’t have words for all these new inventions!

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